January 21, 2015

How to Use Damp Proof Cream

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The aim of this will be to explain how to use damp proof cream to solve rising damp problems in the home.

In this example we use Construction Chemicals Envirosafe Damp Proof Cream although other creams are available.

Damp proof cream comes in different kinds of containers. There are buckets that will need to be poured into an injection cream pump and cartridges. The smaller cartridges will fit into a caulking gun and the larger 1 litre cartridges will fit into an injection cream gun.


Applying Damp Proof Cream using a Cartridge

Cartridges offer the home-owner or DIY-er the ability to perform damp proofing without having to buy pumps or speciality applicators. In order to use a cartridge, there is a simple 6-step process:

  1. Decide how thick your walls are
  2. Drill injection holes as specified
  3. Cut the cartridge nozzle 25mm from the tip
  4. Push the injection tube through the nozzle from the inside
  5. Place the cartridge in the gun & gently compress the plunger. Cut the cartridge at the top, being careful not to damage the threads
  6. Screw on the nozzle & push the tube onto the end of the nozzle

4 Steps to Using Damp Proof Cream

Once mastered, the process of installing damp proof cream is pretty simple. It can be done in 4 steps:

  1. Either pour the contents of a damp proof cream bucket into a pressure sprayer or prepare the damp proof cartridge as described in the ‘Applying Damp Proof Cream using a Cartridge’ section above
  2. Drill 12mm diameter holes horizontally into the mortar joint a maximum of 120mm apart & 150mm above ground level. Ensure the base of all perpends are drilled. Stone walls over 350mm thick may be drilled from both sides. We provide a table to help judge how deep the boreholes need to be and how much you will need here
  3. Fill the boreholes with the cream
  4. Cap the holes. Salt contaminated plasterwork should be renewed

Our Handy Video

As many people get a greater degree of confidence from seeing the process in action, we have prepared a handy video to help with the process of installing damp proof cream. You can watch the video below:


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