October 1, 2010

The Benefits of a Bathroom Remodel

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Guest Post from Karl Donaghey of Bathroom Solutions, suppliers of designer bathrooms including baths, showers and loo seats.

Supplied by Bathroom Solutions

It might not be the first item on most homeowner’s lists, but improving a bathroom can really improve everyone’s life. After all, people spend plenty of time in their bathrooms, though it’s not something that might be thought about. Whether unwinding in the bathtub after a stressful day at work or taking a morning shower every day before leaving the house, the bathroom is just as much a part of daily life as the kitchen or bedroom.

Sometimes, having an older or outdated bathroom can grating on one’s nerves, but homeowners might not even realize it. The best ideas for better bathrooms sometimes come from contractors, though DIYers will find that there are plenty of little steps that can be accomplished by anyone handy enough to repaint walls or do a little bit of work on tile. It is crucial to remember that taking on the task of actually working with plumbing is something that would be better left to the professionals. There are plenty of benefits that come with remodeling a bathroom, but flooding the entire house because it might not be possible to fix pipes is definitely not one of them.

When remodeling a bathroom, one of the best things that can possibly happen is suddenly noticing there’s a whole lot more space to take advantage of. This might mean a larger bathtub is feasible, that there might be room to put in a small area to sit down and do make-up, or simply upgrading lighting could make a world of difference. Likewise, sometimes the layout of a bathroom is perfect, and it’s just those small details that need work. Searching online for some great tile can save a lot of money and instantly change the entire look of a bathroom. Remember that the tiny details, like new faucets and fresh towels, will also do a huge number on improving the looks of a bathroom.

For those who are taking on a bathroom remodel and need to talk to a contractor, it’s often best to first ask friends if they have any recommendations. Rather than delving through the yellow pages or scouring the web for reliable good reviews, friends often have better insight, since they have the same experience. And knowing that someone will be able to tear up a bathroom and put it back together quickly is a huge asset in making the choice to undergo a remodel. Sometimes the only reason that people hold back is concern that the project will go on forever, rendering the use of a bathroom impossible. This way, it’s possible to know that it’s not the case. And choosing a contractor wisely also means saving considerable cash.

Whether looking to up the value of your home, hoping for a more relaxing spot to unwind, or simply looking for a more cohesive design scheme to your home, a bathroom remodel is always a great idea. Even something as simple as changing the curtains and tiles can do a lot, so getting together and making big changes will result in a happier bathing experience for all household members.

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