March 18, 2010

Quick Tips for Selling Your Home Faster

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Property For Sale

Property For Sale

Aside from enlisting the services of an estate agent, there are many things that homeowners can do on their own in order to ensure a quick sell. Many of the tips are simple cleaning chores and minor improvements that can be done with little to no effort or expenditure.


Mop and vacuum like you never have before. Make the windows so smudge-free that people run the risk of walking right into them. All countertops should be spotless. Walls should be cleaned and paint should be touched up where necessary. Wipe the dust off of the ceiling fans. Inspect cushions for stains, flipping them over when necessary. In short, the house should be absolutely spotless on the day that potential buyers come to see it. Buyers can see themselves living in a home that looks shiny and brand new, but may have more trouble with their imagination if it is dirty or messy. Last touches such as fresh flowers, candles and scented oils will make the home not only aromatically pleasing, but also welcoming.


Organizing almost falls naturally under the category of cleaning. However, there are some particular things that can be done to eliminate clutter and to emphasize important aspects of your home. Start by taking down family photos all over the house. The goal is to have the buyers imagine themselves in the home, which is harder with your family’s faces everywhere they turn. Get rid of any unnecessary furniture or electronics. Both hurt the goal of optimizing space. Not to mention that electronics have wires that make things look cluttered. And while you want to get rid of clutter, it’s not a bad idea to strategically leave things in spaces you wish to emphasize. A well-organized bookshelf, walk-in closet or basement conversion shows off how great the space truly is.

Fix Problems Inside and Out

You should never have to point out to a buyer that something needs to be fixed. If you truly want to sell your home fast, you should have all the little problems taken care of, given that they have a tendency to turn buyers off. It takes no time to touch up a small hole or install a new light switch. Tightening up a loose ceiling fan blade or oiling a squeaky hinge are simple fixes, too. Simply walk around your home and start making a list of things you notice that need to be fixed. Don’t forget the outside of your home, either. “Curb appeal” is the term to describe how attractive a home is as seen from the street. Trimming the hedges, cutting the lawn, and keeping the flowers watered are easy fixes that boost curb appeal. If you are truly serious about a quick sell, you’d have the house power-washed and the paint touched up, if necessary.

The point is: Be willing to do whatever it takes to make your house look shiny and brand new. The secret to a quick sell is to make the house look as if the new owners could move right in and be comfortable from day one.

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