March 2, 2010

Best DIY Jobs to Undertake in March

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There are few times of the year more thrilling than the arrival of spring.  As the temperature starts to shift ever the slightest bit and the birds return to their favorite trees, it is normal for homeowners to think about the impending warm weather seasons and the home improvement projects which had been put on hold.

Being an expert with tools and chemicals is not required to pull off most do-it-yourself jobs around the house.  Try these seven DIY projects that will help anyone prepare for the spring and summer months.

1. Decking repair and treatment. With the arrival of warm weather comes the return of outdoor parties and lounging on the deck.  Make a survey of what has become of the decks around the house over the course of a long and rather brutal winter season.  Even if the deck has escaped any outright damage and could be described as ‘intact’, there are probably a number of surface effects present.  The dampness and continual pounding the deck can take from the elements of winter will leave patches of rot and grime.  To instill some new life in the wood, look into one of the wood brightening products which utilize oxalic acid.  Solutions made with this chemical have been proven to rejuvenate wood – something any house could use as spring hits its stride and time spend outdoors increases.

2. Window replacement. It’s hard to argue about the effect new windows can have around the house.  Whether an old window is starting to make a home look bad or poor insulation is letting in too much air, these things will only become more troublesome as the weather warms up.  New windows can reverse these effects, sealing off the window at every point and creating a stunning new look on the exteriors of the home.  The cooling system will get a break with less energy required to combat the interior heat, while the possibilities to be opened up in terms of light are limitless.  Window replacement is not for the raw beginner, yet careful measurements can make the job viable for almost any homeowner.  To approach the job cautiously, go one room at a time instead of ordering an entire home’s supply of windows.

3. Exterior painting. Hopefully, the cold seasons have allowed for the interior jobs around the house to be handled.  For the spring, touching up the home’s exterior should be on the menu.  Adding a new coat of paint is one of those jobs which can bring up the spirits of any homeowner.  Even if a jacket is still required, breathing that fresh spring air and becoming active once again will cure the remaining winter blues.  Once a new coat of paint has dried, spring can officially begin.

4. Landscaping and garden work. Another job which naturally falls into the springtime category is landscaping work.  It won’t be unusual to find patches of grass in dire need of attention after being subjected to the rigors of the last winter.  Once some new patches of sod are installed and the lawn starts looking to be in good shape, think about adding some colour to the scene.  New flowers and bushes create an entirely different feeling around the house.  It’s one of those things which can’t be explained, yet whenever such an effort is made, it will be great appreciated by everyone at home.  Green thumb or not, these tasks are never too much for a homeowner to learn about.

5. Fence repair. It’s hard to fault the look of a fence that is covered in snow up to its midpoint.  Short of creating a snowman and jabbing a corncob pipe into his mouth, wintertime beautification projects for fencing are ill-fated from the start.  With the much-anticipated thaw around March, the time to focus on fencing also arrives.  It is not very difficult to take battered wood planks and replace them with new pieces.  Of course, painting and sealing should accompany any fence repair job.  The consistency will be visible to the eye with each passing day of springtime.

6. Last-minute jobs in anticipation of a sale. If the time has finally come to sell the house and start over somewhere else, spring is the ideal season to do it.  Before the summer vacation season hits and after winter is making every home looks a little more beat-up, springtime represents a real change to home shoppers.  Coincidentally, the interior concerns could weigh on their minds heaviest of all.  The bathroom and kitchen should definitely be up to par if the marketing campaign is about to begin.  In the DIY department, homeowners could repair tiles, reface cabinets and even replace kitchen countertops.  If these projects are left for buyers, they will have ammunition in the negotiation process.

7. Prepping the boat. It may not be home, but it is certainly home at sea whenever one is on board.  Boat owners will need to address the effects of winter on a sea craft when spring arrives.  For rust and water stains that have begun to diminish the boat’s overall look, try an oxalic acid solution to speed along the removal process.  With little scrubbing involved, it is one of the easiest ways to make a boat ready for the exciting seasons about to arrive, when boating and sunning will make it to the top of most lists of favorite things to do.

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