December 17, 2009

Keep Your Damp Proof Course Dry & Use Super Seal Water Repellent

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If damp has become an issue in the home, there is no reason to delay in addressing the problem.  Excessive moisture in the air can cause mould and have a major impact on respiratory functions. Besides that, the amount of damage which may be inflicted on your property could also be extensive.  DPC has been in use for centuries and is usually part of any home construction, yet there is often a need for an added treatment.  Because of the complications involved with a full-scale DPC replacement, the cream application guns are very useful.  Getting to the root of the problem is easy with the injection method.

If it seems like there are issues with DPC in the home, some tests should be run to assess the type of moisture present.  How can a homeowner tell whether the DPC outside the home is doing its job?  Using a meter to read the damp conditions is a good idea.  Most professionals who work with damp proof course never leave the office without a moisture meter.  Whether surveying a group of homes or just for the occasional check on one property, the meter is an invaluable tool.  The direction to take with addressing damp conditions will be clear.

Along with the DPC creams, a homeowner will want to keep an amount of Super Seal Water Repellent on hand.  As the name suggest, there are few substances more adept at keeping out damp from building materials.  The Super Seal repellent is double strength and intended for areas which are in constant exposure.  As wind and rain come into contact with the structure, the repellent utilizes its chemical components to keep dampness from setting in.  Even if there has already been an amount of dampness creeping inside a stone or brick wall, a coating of the repellent will let it  dry out, while allowing the substrate an adequate amount of ventilation.

Using the Super Seal Water Repellent is also the way to simplify life while in the midst of a home improvement project.  When using a repellent which requires multiple coats, the will to finish the job can often lapse and leave homeowners with unfinished business.  The double strength repellent needs only one coating, keeping time spent on the job to a minimum.  Of course, the hard to reach places – so susceptible to damp – can be finished in one fell swoop.

Will there be visual effects caused by the application of the Super Seal Water Repellent?  Because of the solvent base, the repellent becomes totally clear once it is dry.  No one will be able to notice a change in colour.  For brick, stone or any other type of masonry which should retain its original look, a repellent which leaves no visual trace is essential.  Of course, the most important test of the product is its ability to keep out dampness.  The Super Seal product has proven its reliability to keep exposed structures dry without costing too much or proving to be a major challenge for a homeowner willing to handle the job on one’s own.

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