June 23, 2009

Could You Design & Build Your Own Home?

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Home ownership can be one of the most wonderful things in the world. It can be you and your family’s home for generations or a mere stepping stone on the equity ladder to your ultimate dream home. Whatever you choose home ownership for, your home and homes should make you happy. The best way to ensure that you are satisfied with your home’s specific and general makeup for; both home equity and value, as well as, the value you personally attribute to your home’s convenience, aesthetic, and comfort is to considering building your own home.

Though seemingly intimidating at first glance, building your own home has a range of different meanings. By “building” your own home, you may mean that you want to hire some help and piece by piece choose a parcel of land, lay the foundation, install plumbing, and so on and so forth until you have a completed home. This, while lofty and spirited, can take a lot of time, hassle, and money. Secondly, and most popularly, many people are starting to consider the second meaning of “building” your own home, and that is contracting a home design and build firm and having them custom build and design your new home according to your specifications.

Choosing to enlist the services of a custom home builder offers a new owner endless opportunities as far as what they want and require in their new home. You may have been looking for a home in the real estate market, but nothing has exactly what you want in particular, but you want or need a new home now. You may want a master bath with a Jacuzzi but all the houses on the market offer none. Perhaps, there is a certain type of deck or plumbing system that you would like in your new home. Whatever it is that your dream home or equity home requires, you can save valuable time, money, and effort on starting with plans in mind-instead of purchasing an existing house and trying to renovate and remodel according to your wants and specifications.

How to Build and Design Your Own Home

So how exactly do you start making plans to design and build your own home? What kind of preliminary plans do you need to make to figure out what projects need to be done, when they need to be done (and in what order), as well as prices and materials needed. It’s all so complex and complicated! Honestly, yes, it is an involved process, but it doesn’t have to overwhelm you. Start at the very beginning with the below planning structure and you will be well on your way to building the perfect house and home for you and your family.

1. Your Needs- Begin with the nuts and bolts of what you need in a home. Start with need, and we will get to want or prefer later. What are the must-haves? Do you need a certain number of bathrooms? A guest suite? A dining room? Start with the structural needs and as your plans start to come about, you can add as many design details as you need. It may help to get the insight of your family needs as far as previous inconveniences in your past homes, etc.

2. Your Wants- Secondly, start configuring more details in relation to your new home. Remember to stay fairly realistic as far as possibility, price, and lasting home value. For example, you may want to have extravagant play room like that of Elvis’ Graceland, but can you afford this? And do you plan to ever sell your home? If the answer is yes to the second in any possibility, say no to these types of plans. You will never ever get back the money you invested in something like this.

3. Budget- Like with any new endeavor, start looking at your finances. How much do you have to spend on building and designing your own home? Is this prospect within your means, and if so, does your previous list of needs and wants come anywhere near being realised with your resources? Remember, just because you are “building” your own home, it doesn’t have to be your dream home. It can just be an investment, meaning take care of the bare necessities of a home that will sell in almost any market : kitchen, bathrooms, living, dining, etc all without frills or bells and whistles, yet aesthetically nice. Make it a potential house if your budget is low.

4. Get Ideas- Anywhere you can find ideas on how to customise your home to the right specifications and dimensions, do so. Take drives for ideas on home exteriors and styles. Visit your friends’ and family’s homes. Take note of every aspect in interior and exterior that you consider something you may want in your own home. Beyond this, research home building and design sites on the internet, pick up home magazines, etc. The home design market is rampant with ideas for anyone looking to build their own home-from mere updates to actual from-the-ground-up construction.

5. Draft a Plan- Make a rough sketch of the dimensions, style, rooms, and the like. This will better acquaint you with the whole picture of the home you and your family have in mind. This will also begin the process of figuring out what you need for materials, i.e. timber, fixtures, paint, etc.

6. Consult- Lastly, before bringing your ideas and plans to a home build and design firm, it is always best to run your plans by an architect if your budget will allow. Though the nature of the home designing and building business is to take care of the entire process from conception to finished product, most of these businesses will add on fees where ever they can-and it isn’t cheap-so it is always best to do whatever legwork you can do before bringing your business to them. An architect can greatly help with telling you what is structurally possible and favorable.

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