What Kind of Damp Have I Got?

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What type of dampness have I got?

Dampness in property can give rise to all sorts of problems from destroying decoration to structural decay and risks to health. By preventing moisture ingress we can maintain the integrity of the building and save money in the longer term. First, we must identify the causes of the dampness and then take appropriate action. Identifying the source in many cases is quite simple and does not require any equipment other than eyes and hands.

Water ingress into buildings can come from 3 sources:

  • Rainwater
  • Ground water
  • Water carried in the air


This contributes to lateral penetrating dampness above ground. It is normally seen as damp patches on external walls especially those facing the prevailing wind. Patches appear after rain and may also be associated with faulty gutters and downspouts.

Ground Water

The two main areas affected by ground water are walls below ground level, in cellars for example and walls above ground through rising damp.

Water Carried in the Air

This is commonly referred to as condensation and is caused by a lack of ventilation and / or heat.

Now you’ve worked out the kind of dampness you’ve go, let’s identify the causes of dampness.

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