November 24, 2010

Raising a waterlogged, screeded floor to take tiles

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Here is another question asked by a member of the public relating to flooring and floor tiles. We hope that it and the answer, which we include below, are useful.

I have an old screeded floor that is a little soft due to its being waterlogged. I need to raise the floor by approx 20mm to take tiles and wood flooring and so I need a hard-wearing, strong leveling compound.  Have you any suggestions?

Here’s our answer:

You could use our Latex Levelling Compound but it would be expensive for 20mm. I suggest you use a sand: cement 3:1 mix using SBR Bonding Agent Diluted 3 water to 1 SBR for gauging for 15-17mm then use Latex Levelling Compound for the last 3-5mm.

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