March 29, 2010

Basement Conversions – Example Case Studies: How to Create a Workshop in Your Basement

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Wood Workshop

Wood Workshop

Turning a basement into a more functional space than just a storage area is easier than one might think. Some people may be in need of a spare bedroom. Others are looking for a workshop where they can complete their do-it-yourself projects. The latter is one of the easiest conversions that can be made.

The first thing to do is to clear everything out of the basement, even things that will be used in the workshop, such as tools or work benches. The goal is to get everything out of the way so that you can have a fresh start and a clearer vision of what you want to create. The other reason is so that you can thoroughly clean the space in order to prepare it for any new additions or renovations.

Once cleared out, wipe down the walls with a cleaning substance. Perhaps even clean the ceiling, in case of cobwebs or accumulated dust. After the walls and ceiling have shed their dirt and grime, it’s time to clean the floor. Of course, first it must be swept. Then, use an industrial strength chemical cleaner to really clean the floor good. This is crucial if you are going to put down a new floor or a layer of paint. If you realize that the floor is uneven, there are plenty of commercially available floor-leveling compounds. Then, there are various flooring options that are easy to install and inexpensive. The key, however, is to pick a durable one for your workshop, as it will be taking a beating every time you work on a project.

The nice thing about converting a basement into a workshop instead of a bedroom is that you don’t have to worry about insulation and heating and air conditioning – that is, if you don’t want to. Maybe you prefer to bear the elements or save some money by using a space heater or fan. On the other hand, insulating and controlling the temperature are imperative for someone to actually live in a basement.

Always remember that basements are dark, often damp spaces which weren’t meant to be inhabited. That’s why the proper adjustments must be made. Along those lines, lighting is extremely important, given the dark nature of basements. You want to choose strong lighting that will prevent you from you from hacking off a limb. To take care of the dampness, on the other hand, it is a good idea to use a waterproofing solution. Given the damp nature and tendency to flood of basements, it’s a good idea to prevent water damage in your brand new workshop.

Once all the precautions and renovations are taken care of, you can begin to assemble your workshop. Hardware stores and large home improvement stores have endless options for you to equip your new space. From organizing shelves to tool racks to work bench lamps, these stores have everything you will need to outfit your newly renovated space. But, try to restrain yourself from going on your shopping spree until you have all the bases covered in regards to your basement conversion.

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